Legends of Norrath, being a CCG, is based around the concept of cards.

Decks are made up of a minimum of 50 cards, split into six types of cards:

You may own more than 50 cards, but may not play with a deck of less than 50.

New cards can be obtained by purchasing starter decks or booster packs at the Sony Store, which can be accessed directly from the LoN interface. Some rare cards can also be purchased in everquest and everquest 2 at the bazzar or broker. EQ/EQ2 Card drop list

One special type of card is the coveted Loot card. These cards have no effect on LoN itself, but are claimable for items inside the games Wikipedia:EverQuest and EverQuest II.

Now that the game is live, "Legends of Norrath Starter Deck" , "Legends of Norrath Booster Pack", and "Legends of Norrath Starter Deck and Boosters" (2 boosters) items have begun dropping in EQ2 from chests of monsters. Once consumed ingame, they "reverse claim" the items into your LoN account.

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