Cyndra the Scout (Starter Deck)
Cyndra the Scout Starter Deck

The Scout archetype provides lots of surprises. Clever tactics and comes-into-play effects on abilities simulate stealth. Scouts are all about damage bonuses and mixing it up mano-a-mano. (That's Spanish for 'attacking your opponent's avatar.' Sort of.)

Ruthless, deadly, lovely Cyndra is the avatar in your Scout starter deck. She does lots of nasty things to your opponent. To play this deck well, you'll have to master some main phase combos and combat tricks.

You'll get most of your wins with this deck by cleaning out units and killing your opponent's avatar. Thief's Vengeance slows down your opponent's questing, but its main virtue is to get rid of abilities that provide defense.

If you're the kind of player that enjoys beatdown decks, designed to mix it up with your opponent, then Cyndra's deck is the deck for you. Abilities that allow avatar combat and cards providing damage bonuses mean that this Scout deck can defeat your opponent's avatar before she can complete four quests.

from SOE LoN Website, Strategy Articles

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