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Fight the Darkpaw

Fight the legenary Fippy Darkpaw and his band of Gnolls to defend a village just north of Qeynos.

Avatar Fight the Darkpaw

Basic Information

Opponent Avatar

Fippy Darkpaw (1A0)
Trait: Gnoll
Archetype: Scout

Attack: 2
Defense: 1
Dmg Bonus: +1
Health: 8

Game Text: Inline Icon Mainphase Exert this avatar Inline Icon Arrow Begin combat with an opposing avatar.

Lore Text: Fippy Darkpaw is the champion of the Blackburrow Gnolls, and his zealous -- if somewhat foolhardy -- courage is unmatched by any other of his kin.

Illustrator: Patrick Dalley

Reward Card

Fippy Darkpaw (1F16)


Game Start Lore

Stepping through the portal from the Plane of Justice, you arrive in a village in the Qeynos Hills. As you head to the center of town, there is an alarm -- the guards have spotted a lone Gnoll brazenly charging the walls! You rush to investigate just in time to see the Gnoll howl forth his battle cry:

'BBBBAAAARRRKKKK!!!!! You will pay for ruining our homeland! Fippy Darkpaw of the Sabretooth Clan will slay you all! BARK!'

Suddenly, dozens more heavily-armed Gnolls rise over the behind Fippy, their eyes glowing fierce and desperate!</p>

The guard turns to you. 'I can see the fires of battle stirring in your eyes. Help us defend our homes from these foul beasts!'

Slay your opponent's avatar or complete four quests to win the game.